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Don’t rush
good company, sex, 
a fine cigar
rum making. 
At Big Titty
we say take your time &
do it right. 

Big Titty Rum Vanilla, Amari, Habenero on the beach


Q:  Why "Big Titty Rum" ?   

A:  To get your attention.  Did it work?

Q:  What proof is your rum?  

A:  This depends on the product.  Between 60 and 100 proof. Every spirit and each style has its own ideal ABV to be most enjoyed at.

Q:  Is it good rum?  

A:  Legitimate question.  Big Titty Rum is more than just a cute name.  We take this craft seriously. But, in matters of taste there can be no dispute.  Try it and tell us what you think.

Q:  Can we take rum home with us?

A:  Every country has different limits.  US permits 2 liters per person duty free. Canada allows 1.4 liters per person.  Go on line to see what your country allows & take US home with you!

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Rum and pirates color the history of the entire Caribbean and Belize is no exception.  Pirates gave pet names to the rums of various ports of call.  Legend has it that pirates amused by the local practice of mothers dribbling rum on their breasts to calm teething babies named Belize rum “titty rum”.  Big Titty Rum honors this fine tradition.

Get a real taste of beautiful Belize, the people, flavors, culture and products.  Big Titty Rum has been distilling, rectifying, blending and aging fine spirits since 2010. Small batch, hands on, artisanal methods ensure top quality and consistency. We are dedicated to advancing the craft with the best of old school and modern scientific techniques.  

Feel the fun, experience the freedom and enjoy the quality. 

Belize Rum, Islands Beautiful beaches

 Rum Styles

There are many different styles of rum. Some rum is made from fresh sugar cane juice, some from mostly sugar and some from mostly molasses. So what you start with will influence what you can end up with. The distilling process, and there are several, also affects the end results. Then you have filtering, blending and aging, all important factors. Traditional Caribbean rums range from clear to very dark with many colors in between. Flavor profiles will run between neutral, vodka like spirits and rich, complex and full bodied versions. This adds to the adventure and allows for a rum for each taste and every occasion.  

Our traditional Caribbean rums include; URSO White, Gold Rush, 44 DD, Island Spiced and Demerara Black.

See Our Spirits page for our full line & descriptions.

Bitty Titty Rum, Belize, Sugar Cane, Rum
Big Titty Rum,Belize, sugar cane,

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